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Silsden Butchers Delivering Nationwide!

I am so delighted I found this little gem. Silsden Butchers are a no frills, straight talking, quality real butchers who are quite obviously experts at what they do. I cannot believe the huge array of products they can readily supply. They specialise in all types of fresh not frozen meat pack combinations which are incredible value for money.

Silsden Butchers cater for all, from the budget conscious family to individuals, to healthy conscious protein lovers, Body Builders, Kids Packs to their vast Slimming Range and their recent addition Christmas Packs

The pack below is the Slimming Pack of the Year for just £59.99. that would make at least 16 meals for two and they include vegetables, bacon, spices and eggs too

There’s no unnecessary packaging, no expensive labelling, just clear, simple good quality products. The chicken breasts are huge. Enough to to provide an ample roast dinner for at least two people!

There’s plenty of combinations to suit all and you can even order packs specifically and for children. In Yorkshire where they are based there are no delivery charges for orders over £50 and a nominal delivery charge of £3.50 for orders over £30-£49 and you can pay cash or card on delivery. For those who live outside their area they use courier services to deliver at a charge of £6.99.

So who are Silsden Butchers? They are headed by Dawn Brightwell. Dawn, after 25 years in the butchery business set up Dawns Bargain Meat Packs on Facebook where she holds regular flash sales and auctions and she now has over 54,000 members who are in search of a good bargain.

Dawn has a skilled team supporting her using their expertise in creating the best cuts and putting a whole array of packs expertly together to suit everyone. New packs are regularly introduced – there’s always a good deal!

With rave reviews , great customer service, quality products and a fantastic team, Dawn expertly brings the butchers to your front door. The Facebook page is a hive of activity and there is a linked page – a closed group which is a real community who know what a bargain is! Just click to join and wait for the fantastic deals to appear !

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Prestige Hampers UK – A Perfect Gift

Absolutely over the moon with this gorgeous hamper sent to me by Prestige Hampers

A delightful compact wicker hamper hiding a Treasure Trove of Christmas goodies perfect as a gift or something indulgent for yourself during the festive season!

Prestige Hampers UK have a huge array of Hampers and really do cover a broad spectrum of prices to suit everyone

Opening this little secret box was a huge delight and you have to remove the contents one by one to reveal layers and layers of lovely contents

I was so delighted and surprised at how much this compact hamper perfect for posting contained

Find the perfect Christmas hamper for you or someone special here

You won’t be disappointed!

My lovely wicker hamper contained

The Belgian Marc de Champagne Fancy Truffles

Belgian Chocolate Thins – Caramel

Founders Stone Lions Reach Merlot

Founders Stone Ocean Break White Zinfandel

Founders Stone The Homestead Pinot Grigio

London Tea

Yorkshire Natural Sea Salt Luxury Handcooked Crisps

Farmhouse Biscuits Savoury Pumpkin Seed and Cranberry Biscuits for Cheese

Mackays Dundee Orange Marmalade

Mackays Scottish Strawberry Preserve

Matthew Walker Luxury Christmas Pudding

Ooh Chocolata Blond Collection Creamy White Chocolate with Crunchy Honeycomb Bites

Delightful! A huge thankyou to Prestige Hampers !

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October Halloween Degustabox

I love this months Halloween Degustabox, some lovely little stocking fillers I can give to my granddaughter at Christmas are included if I don’t snaffle them beforehand!

Degustabox is a monthly subscription box which you can cancel at any time. Get your first box for just £5.99 with my

Code 8c0x9 here

There are lots of goodies for all the family to try but the first one is definitely one for me!

Curio which is a brand under Valfrutta have created this lovely microwaveable pouch full of basmati rice and lentils. It definitely looks like one for me to try although it is quite high in syn value at 7 for half a pack. I think it would be great with a Jamaican curry – as you use rice and peas. £2.29

I chuckled when I saw this- maybe I like Black humour! Anyway, Pechteks Misfortune Cookie is a lovely little treat I found last in this months box, but not-one wants to leave a Misfortune cookie in the bottom so I decided to be brave and show you sooner rather than later! Cute little cookie with an individual message inside which I will save for Halloween! £1.50

Next out of the box are two lovely little juice bottles from The Feel Good Drinks Co – two flavours, Orange, Mango and, Strawberry and Mint . Made with a simple

Blend of just water, fruit and natural flavours £1.20 each

One of my favourite noodle brands Kabuto have produced this great flavour which I am keen to try Thai Green Chicken Curry 1.5 syns on Slimming World £1.99

This is one for my granddaughter who loves spaghetti hoops. A lot healthier having no added sugar and made by Heinz £0.75

This is what we all need to do – reduce our salt consumption and this cute little sample pot of Lo Salt will help us to do just that with 66% less sodium. Use in cooking, or for seasoning. £1.75 for full size

My granddaughter is going to love me if I can stop myself from having these ! I love Millions and love Vimto too . They come in a variety of flavours , small bags and jars £2.99

I love Hippeas. Such a moreish snack – high in fibre and a source of protein. Vegan friendly – 4.5 syns per 22gms £2.29

Nuttvia Breadsticks Snack Pack contains 97% less sugar than other hazelnut spreads with no palm oil too – quite high in syns at 11 but if you need that chocolate you need that chocolates this may just satisfy more! £1.70

Michel et Augustine Super Cookies with meaty chocolate hazelnut filling sounds divine, made with real butter and free range eggs and at 8 syns each they may just be worth the spend for us Slimming Worlders! £1.60

Pulsini s a brand I have seen in farm shops but never tried. They are a ‘kids’ bar but I haven’t grown up yet so will be having this myself. Spending 5 syns and enjoying the natural ingredients they are made from. They are gluten free and have 1/3 less sugar than the average kids fruit snack. £0.59

Ooooh Pip! What have you made? A small

Handmade chocolate coin to drop in your hot drinks! Nut, dairy and gluten free I will either enjoy this as it is as I don’t like sweet hot drinks or be grating it on yoghurts and fruit! There’s no nutritional information on the outside so I can’t calculate syn values £1.50

Lee Kum Kee is a brand I recognised instantly. Being a foodie I have often purchased their soy sauce, chilli sauce etc from Chinese supermarkets so I am very happy to find the next three items in this months box

These great little packs for making tomato garlic prawns, and honey and garlic spare ribs look great and I am intrigued by the sweet soy sauce too! I feel a Chinese night approaching!

The tomato garlic sauce is 5.5 syns a pack and the honey and garlic is 8.5 as a rough estimate. There is no nutritional info on the small sachet of soy sauce but as it contains sugar it will have a syn value £0.85

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September Degustabox is here!

I am very pleased with this September edition of the Degustabox What a great selection! As a blogger I get the alcohol and non alcohol versions so I may have a couple more items in my box that you may not receive in yours but they are great value and a chance to try something new!

Degustabox is a monthly subscription box which you can cancel any time. You can try your first box for just £5.99 with my code 8c0x9 by signing up here

This months selection will help keep me on the right healthy eating track before my holiday!

The contents are:

Miso Tasty Original Ramen Noodle Kit

This is a great kit which includes 2 non fried ramen noodle nests, 2 white miso pastes and 2 seaweed garnishes and works put an incredible 1/2 syn pp on Slimming World after running it through the calculator! More info here

Rice Dream with Quinoa

Rice Dream Quinoa with Calcium, and vitamins D2 and B12 and no added sugars . Rice Dream is a plant based milk alternative. Sign up for the Dream Challenge at My Dairy Free Dream , print off £6 worth of vouchers and browse their online recipes. £1.60

Gluten free San Miguel

330mls of Gluten free San Miguel to tickle the tastebuds of over 18’s! 5.4% volume £2 each – more infohere

Virtue Sparkling energy waterVirtue sparkling energy water in Berries and Lemon and Lime flavours. A refreshing canned drink that is zero sugar, zero calories, no sweeteners and nothing artificial £1.35 each. Visit their website here

Wild Planet pole and line caught tuna

Wild Planet Pole and Line Caught Tuna Steaks are hand packed and cooked just once to retain the natural juices in the can. No need to drain – just mix the juices with the Tuna for added flavour and nutrition. £3.49 . More info here

Knorr Rich Beef concentrated stock

New Knorr Rich Beef Concentrated Liquid Stock is made from real beef extract, gluten free and free from artificial colours. No MSG – just add a few drops to your dishes to enhance the flavour! £2.20

For more info on Knorr products visit here

Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen Peruvian Garlic and Tomato Sauce and Arroz Amorillo yellow Rice

Santa Maria American Kitchen has just landed on some supermarkets – I have seen them in Morrisons and it’s a pretty impressive range too! A variety of sauces to tempt and inspire you along with the perfect rice accompaniment to transport your taste buds to Latin America The sauce – Peruvian Garlic and Tomato is 5.5 syns for the whole pouch and the rice – Arroz Amarillo Yellow rice is 4 syns a pouch

Rice pouches £1.85, Sauces £1.85

For more info visit their website here

Green and Blacks Velevet Edition 70% Dark Chocolate

The new Green and Black’s Velvet Edition 70% smooth dark chocolate has been blended to be smooth in flavour by using the finest Ghanaian cocoa balanced with sweet Madagascan vanilla and is in supermarkets now £1.99

View their range here

Mint Mentos- spearmint and mint

Mint and Spearmint Mentos. A chewy refreshing Sweet in a resealable pouch perfect for sharing £1.19 More info here

Nestle Oat Crisp Cheerios

Nestle Oat Crisp Cheerios have been developed to help lower cholesterol. They are high in fibre and low in saturated fat and contain beta-glucan from Oat fibre to help keep your heart healthy! £2.49 For more info visit here

Greens Egg Custard Filling

Green’s Creamy Egg Custard Filling is a perfect quick dessert fix. Just add milk, a pre cooked pastry case or alternative, follow the instructions and refrigerate. At apx 50cals for the pack you add 1pt of milk and make a delicious dessert – ready in just over an hour. £0.69 for more info visit the website and use coupon code Degusta15 by December 2017 to get 15% off your first order

Seriously Spreadable Creamy Squares

Also included in this months box is a

Voucher to try Seriously Spreadable Creamy Squares free! Available in Tesco, Morrisons and Asda. Great for lunchboxes, on crackers or that little cheese fix! £1.75

Conclusion – a great little box full of goodies and I can’t see any one of them not being enjoyed!

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Degustabox Back to School theme

A fantastic selection of goodies in this months ‘Back to School’ themed Degustabox ‘ Its that time when parents are looking for school uniforms, buying new shoes and lunch boxes – this months Degustabox is stashed full of goodies to send your children back to school with a smile on their faces! And yours too 😉

Our children are grown up now so we will just have to treat ourselves and pretend we are back at school! I do receive the alcohol and non alcohol selections though so will probably get the glasses out later!

Get your first box for just £5.99 here with my code 8c0x9 . In this months line up there are lots of tasty treats

Seabrook Crisps 6 pack of assorted – sea salt, sea salt and vinegar and cheese and onion – the original crinkle cut crisps for a proper crunch! My fav is the Cheese and Onion! £1.00Also included in the box is a 25p off voucher so we will be using this soon!

Hellmans Real Mayonnaise 250ml

Made with 100% free range eggs and is a perfect storecupboard staple – do you have your Hellmans? I do – I just have one more now! £1.69

McIlhenny & Co Tabasco green pepper mild sauce. Perfect for me as a lightweight around hot spices this is the mildest version made from green jalapeño peppers and can be added to pizzas, pastas, meat and seafood etc to give an extra kick! £1.89

Twisted Halo Coconut water and ginger muddled with premium vodka! At only 90 cals per bottle it’s a slimmers dream! It’s a gentle sparkling drink twisted with coconut, ginger and a hint of lime. Serve chilled £1.50 available in Morrisons and Wholefoods

Orangina and Orangina Light – soft sparkling orange drink in Original and lights options . Orangina is a household name going back decades and is delicious on its own or used as a mixer for mocktails and cocktails £1.20 each

Maggi Fusian noodles by Nestle

Fiery sweet chilli -Spicy Chilli and ginger with onion oil and veggies – a fiery noodle and Sticky hoisin duck – soy sauce, oriental spice and hints of roasted duck with veggies, spices and infused oil and ready in 4 mins £1.39 each

Refresher softies – Ken has snaffled these !

A great retro soft chewy sweet with a fizz! Available in Asda and Tesco £1.00

Cadburys toffee wholenut bar

I love this little bar – I love nuts and Cadburys so a great combination £0.65

Bahlsen Pick up Black and White biscuits. Two chocolate covered biscuits with a bar of white chocolate sandwiched in between – oh my days – I can’t resist a nibble later! £1.69 – a perfect individually wrapped lunchbox snack

Fruitypot Jelly squeeze – Orange and Apple and Blackcurrant. Jelly squeeze is a resealable jelly in a pouch. gluten and lactose free, vegan and vegetarian makes it perfect for a packed lunch or an on the go snack £0.69 each

Cadburys Curlywurly squirlies

Bitesize chewy curly wurly pieces covered in milk chocolate in a shareable bag £1.99

Lighter Life Fast Soya and Chickpea popped crisps

Pesto and sundried tomato

Sweet and smoky chipotle

Both are under 100cals, gluten free, full of fibre and protein, veggie friendly, free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours and are low in saturated fat too. They are potato free, msg and gm free too! £0.99 each

I love receiving my Degustabox once a month – it’s a surprise hamper full of goodies for all the family! Get your first box at Degustabox and use code 8c0x9 to get it for just £5.99 !

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It’s Thyme to try the best protein smoothies!

Good morning! So whilst we are on the move on our boat I have been given the opportunity to try some protein smoothies from Thyme

Sometimes it’s hard fitting smoothies into the Slimming World plan as they come out quite high in syns in comparison to other options available

The reasons I decided to try this are two fold

1) I don’t like protein drinks normally so I would like to find one I truly like

2) I am not a smoothie lover either but their range sound amazing packed full of fresh frozen fruit, vegetables, protein and vitamins. They contain a Nutri Pellet with whey protein, chlorella (possibly one of the most powerful superfoods that can boost energy, support fat loss and detox, and spirulina which can help with candida, lower blood pressure, boost energy, reduce cholesterol and speed up weight loss.

There are two flavours in their protein smoothie range

Protein Punch that contains strawberry, hulled hemp seeds, blueberries and pomegranate. It is TRULY DELICIOUS! the packs arrive ready prepared and frozen. All you need to do is to mix 250mls of liquid with them. I decided to try something different and bought some M&S sparkling water – Blood Orange which is 3 cals per 100ml. I was a bit worried it might fizz up in my nutriblender but it didn’t – in fact it gives it a bit of ‘life’ ! The taste is incredible and kept me going from breakfast through to lunch!

The best thing apart from the taste is it’s not thick, it doesn’t leave a coating around your mouth like some do and the consistency is the same all the way throughout – I didn’t have to stir or shake it once it was made up. It was simply gorgeous!

The second flavour – Lean Green protein smoothie I was so keen to try after enjoying my breakfast so much. I thought

if it’s half as nice as the Protein Punch flavour I will be hooked!

I decided to make a fruit Kebab to enjoy with it and sat there looking at it longing for lunchtime to arrive so I could try it! Only one word A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Lean Green Protein Smoothie! I love it! I used 250ml M&S Blood Orange Sparkling Water again with this one and it’s lovely! The Lean Green smoothie mix is made up of a Nutripellet containing Whey protein, chlorella and spirulina – both super foods, along with spinach, banana, pineapple and poppy seeds. They come individually wrapped and frozen. I could taste the whey protein slightly and the spinach but this wasn’t unpleasant, in fact it’s delicious! Of the two flavours the Protein Punch has the slight edge but they are both so tasty in their own right. I love them with flavoured water and you could use any flavour, coconut water or milk if you aren’t bothered about adding extra calories. The Lean Green Protein Smoothie is 174 cals per 100gms and the pack is 140gms.

I definitely want to continue enjoying these, they are so lovely and nutritious too! I am a bit fussy with things like this but they are so good!

No chopping, washing or peeling either and would be great for a delicious breakfast or lunch on the move or an after gym boost. When I tasted the Protein Punch flavour I thought i may not like this but I was so wrong!

Thyme have kindly set up a taster pack and if you use my free delivery code ‘methyme’ then they work out at an incredible £1.67 per smoothie!

Thyme are so much more than a smoothie maker though. If you look at their website they make some amazing meals for the family too which I have yet to delve into!

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Being a Brand Ambassador

Lots of you who read this will have probably seen a link on my social media. Some may understand the world of being a ‘blogger’ , ‘influencer’, or ‘brand ambassador ‘. Some of you may be intrigued – I get messages from people asking me how to become one. My response is always the same. Work hard, be prepared to spend up to and sometimes over 12 hours a day to build good relationships and be courteous, kind, respectful and patient.
My post though is not really about how to build your ‘visibility’ which makes it more attractive to engagers – it’s about what happens in the day of myself – a brand ambassador, I will call it ‘blogger’ as it’s quicker to type lol.

My life as a blogger started with my weightloss journey. My venture into Slimming World was the best thing I have done for myself in years . I have to thank Slimming World for giving me confidence, health and helping me regain self esteem. It began sharing ideas in group, sharing recipes and new products. People started to look to me in group for inspiration which was unbelievable to me and I became a very active member on their Facebook page sharing anything I could find and cook to inspire. I was voted Woman of the Year 2016 and it truly was one of my happiest days!

That’s where my life as a blogger started as I decided to be more active with my social media sharing to a larger audience.

My typical day starts as soon as I open my eyes! I reach for my phone, check to see if any of my followers or friends have sent me late messages – I always respond there and then. The only messages I ignore are the spoof accounts!
So once I have replied to any messages I quickly scroll through my feed to see what people have been up. Unfortunately with some platforms if you like too many it’s seen as spam so I am only able to ‘like’ a few. If you don’t get a like off me, it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because we are restricted and I also follow over 4000 people so it’s impossible to like them all. I get inspiration from everyone though. Posts jump out, meals inspire me and your stories are so motivational. The most important aspect about my Instagram account are my followers – not the products I receive – I always respond to messages throughout the day as soon as I can and love getting them and being in touch with such kind genuine people. We are all wanting to be healthier, slimmer and fitter – That is the foundation of my life as a blogger.
Once I can part myself from my social media and have responded to all messages I get up and have my coffee. My phone is on charge ready to take breakfast pics. I photograph, eat and post my pics at the same time. Many a meal goes cold lol!
I tag in any suppliers on my pics and use lots of hashtags which I key in manually. I don’t use any automated system . When I post I am posting live.

Once breakfast is over I shower, get dressed and do my makeup and think of any stories I can do. I love talking to you all and the messages I get in return which need responding to I can’t ignore them!

For those who are not so familiar with my lifestyle we live on beautiful big boat. This needs taking and filling up with water, emptying out, filling with diesel etc – probably 3 times a week. We have to watch the weather – it gets difficult if it’s windy and in winter, but we get to enjoy the summer days ‘al fresco’ We fit this into our days which takes a couple of hours or so and keeps Ken busy and happy. I quite often in the midst of a blog have to quickly put my coat on and help Ken manoeuvre the boat. Especially if the weather is bad!
Around lunchtime I get the post.
If I am lucky enough to have received a delivery it gets opened and I plan my day around that.

I like to do my reviews as soon as possible but sometimes have to schedule them as I don’t like bombarding you with too much at once but have to balance that with the expectations from suppliers.
I always treat suppliers and their products with respect – If I am not keen on something I have contacted suppliers and explained to them why and I don’t post. I don’t really want something on my feed I don’t like anyway as I like to have a positive feed and don’t want to spread negativity. We all need more positivity in our lives but it’s got to be honest too!

So on the days I have received a delivery I read up about it. Take photos, experience it and review honestly. I then post.
Once this is done I check messages again, check feeds – I have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and then plan lunch if I haven’t already squeezed it in between all of the above! I photograph again, post, check messages, check my feed.
It all settles down around mid afternoon and I get some quiet time before planning and cooking tea, taking photos, posting, watching tv with one eye and responding to messages and checking feeds.

It all sounds a bit laborious but I love it!
Ken my partner is very patient with me and acknowledges this has to be done lol!
We only watch a couple of hours tv so my social media gets priority again! And so it goes on until bedtime!
Don’t get me wrong I do have free time to spend with family and friends and I love to have a bit of pampering now and then. I am semi retired now but work 1-2 days a week as I am not at retirement age yet! – my days are full and happy! I wouldn’t change it. We are lucky enough to get to try new and exciting (and some not so exciting) products and my mission is to share these with you. I love new ideas for foods, recipes, gifts, gadgets, and the occasional luxury! My friends and family get first hand experience of these as I am a sharing type of person!

Some may see bloggers as ‘freeloaders’ but we actually work hard to do what we love to do, which in monetary value equates to way below the minimum wage! Although we are privileged enough to receive sample products from suppliers purely for review we never take this for granted. It is a job/ hobby/vocation. The products we receive from suppliers are either gifted or discounted and if we are passionate about something you will know about it!
I don’t always post about products I have been sent and quite often write about products I have purchased or things I have seen when out and about. It’s about sharing after all ! I sometimes receive products on a regular basis, build good relationships with suppliers and often do work for them behind the scenes.

They may ask for my help in creating recipes which I plan and write up for them to publish or are looking at development and ask for my input.

My foundation for all of the above is searching for a healthier,
more confident and a happier me. My Slimming World group enabled me to move on from the rut I was in and give me a focus for the future, inspired by encouragement from the same people and I will be forever grateful for that.

I love creating new recipes and sharing them and spend as much time making stuff as I can. I sometimes end up with too much because the cooking bug got a hold of me – I should open a cafe lol!

Life is importantly about balance, I now look towards a healthy lifestyle with a bit of indulgence and luxury but continue to share what I experience with you guys – my extended support group. Thankyou for being there and listening to my ramblings, for putting up with my posts if it’s not your ‘cup of tea’, for ‘liking’ my meals when it’s not something you would have and for watching my insta stories and sending me lovely messages which I am always telling Ken about. Keep in touch

Love Debsx