Mini Sweet Potato Chocolate Muffins

Makes 12 Muffins

2.5 syns each

  • 30gms wholemeal flour
  • 30gms cocoa powder unsweetened
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil.
  • 30gms finely grated sweet potato
  • 4 tbsp sweetener
  • 1 lg egg
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp Jimjams hazelnut spread
  • Frylight

1 non stick mini 12 muffin tray sprayed with frylight (I got mine from Boyes – £2.99)

Pre heat oven to gas 5, electric 190, fan oven 170

Warm coconut oil for 30 secs in glass bowl in microwave. Stir with the back of a spoon until creamed. Add egg and throughly mix. Add baking powder and bicarbonate of soda. Stir thoroughly. Add wholemeal flour and stir. Add carrot and cocoa powder. Stir. You should have a stiff batter mix. Add milk, sweetener and fruit syrup. Thoroughly mix until smooth. Test mixture and add more sweetener if required to taste.

Divide mixture between all 12 moulds

Place on a baking tray and bake in centre to top of oven for apx 10 mins until risen and set.

Leave to cool

With a knife slice the top off each muffin and spread with hazelnut spread .

Replace tops and serve.

Always check Syn values as they can vary depending on what products you use

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Lo-Dough Chips!

Whether it be chocolate or cheese and you have the munchies just create your perfect healthy low calorie chips! Don’t get me wrong, using potatoes is the best option but Lo-Dough has great filling power and you will be more satisfied combining your favourite topping with Lo-Dough than going overboard on a carb laden snack and sending your healthy eating regime way off track. Buy Lo-Dough here every weekday at 10am but be quick!

Chocolate chips

  • 1 piece Lo-Dough
  • 1 tbsp Jimjams hazelnut spread
  • 1 tsp sweetener

Spread Lo-Dough with a tablespoon of Jimjams low sugar hazelnut spread to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Sprinkle sweetener, cut into thin strips with a pair of kitchen scissors and bake in a medium oven until crisp

Cheesy Chips

  • 1 piece Lo-Dough
  • 15 gms cheddar cheese finely grated
  • 15 gms fresh Parmesan finely grated
  • Salt and pepper

Try cheesy chips by cutting Lo-Dough into thin strips with kitchen scissors. Spray with frylight,

Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle evenly with cheddar and Parmesan and bake in a medium oven until crisp

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Quick Lo-Dough Samosas

Fancy making a quick Lo-Dough samosa! All you need to make two is apx 3 tbsp of leftover curry, Chilli etc or even vegetables with a bit of added spice and they are ready in minutes!

Here’s my step by step way of transforming your minute leftovers into a low calorie filling snack. All you need is Lo-Dough which can be purchased here some leftovers and a couple of spices!

Warm water helps it to stick together better

Any leftovers such as chilli, or curry will do

Et voila a lovely samosa ready in minutes !

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Degustabox Back to School theme

A fantastic selection of goodies in this months ‘Back to School’ themed Degustabox ‘ Its that time when parents are looking for school uniforms, buying new shoes and lunch boxes – this months Degustabox is stashed full of goodies to send your children back to school with a smile on their faces! And yours too 😉

Our children are grown up now so we will just have to treat ourselves and pretend we are back at school! I do receive the alcohol and non alcohol selections though so will probably get the glasses out later!

Get your first box for just £5.99 here with my code 8c0x9 . In this months line up there are lots of tasty treats

Seabrook Crisps 6 pack of assorted – sea salt, sea salt and vinegar and cheese and onion – the original crinkle cut crisps for a proper crunch! My fav is the Cheese and Onion! £1.00Also included in the box is a 25p off voucher so we will be using this soon!

Hellmans Real Mayonnaise 250ml

Made with 100% free range eggs and is a perfect storecupboard staple – do you have your Hellmans? I do – I just have one more now! £1.69

McIlhenny & Co Tabasco green pepper mild sauce. Perfect for me as a lightweight around hot spices this is the mildest version made from green jalapeño peppers and can be added to pizzas, pastas, meat and seafood etc to give an extra kick! £1.89

Twisted Halo Coconut water and ginger muddled with premium vodka! At only 90 cals per bottle it’s a slimmers dream! It’s a gentle sparkling drink twisted with coconut, ginger and a hint of lime. Serve chilled £1.50 available in Morrisons and Wholefoods

Orangina and Orangina Light – soft sparkling orange drink in Original and lights options . Orangina is a household name going back decades and is delicious on its own or used as a mixer for mocktails and cocktails £1.20 each

Maggi Fusian noodles by Nestle

Fiery sweet chilli -Spicy Chilli and ginger with onion oil and veggies – a fiery noodle and Sticky hoisin duck – soy sauce, oriental spice and hints of roasted duck with veggies, spices and infused oil and ready in 4 mins £1.39 each

Refresher softies – Ken has snaffled these !

A great retro soft chewy sweet with a fizz! Available in Asda and Tesco £1.00

Cadburys toffee wholenut bar

I love this little bar – I love nuts and Cadburys so a great combination £0.65

Bahlsen Pick up Black and White biscuits. Two chocolate covered biscuits with a bar of white chocolate sandwiched in between – oh my days – I can’t resist a nibble later! £1.69 – a perfect individually wrapped lunchbox snack

Fruitypot Jelly squeeze – Orange and Apple and Blackcurrant. Jelly squeeze is a resealable jelly in a pouch. gluten and lactose free, vegan and vegetarian makes it perfect for a packed lunch or an on the go snack £0.69 each

Cadburys Curlywurly squirlies

Bitesize chewy curly wurly pieces covered in milk chocolate in a shareable bag £1.99

Lighter Life Fast Soya and Chickpea popped crisps

Pesto and sundried tomato

Sweet and smoky chipotle

Both are under 100cals, gluten free, full of fibre and protein, veggie friendly, free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours and are low in saturated fat too. They are potato free, msg and gm free too! £0.99 each

I love receiving my Degustabox once a month – it’s a surprise hamper full of goodies for all the family! Get your first box at Degustabox and use code 8c0x9 to get it for just £5.99 !

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It’s Thyme to try the best protein smoothies!

Good morning! So whilst we are on the move on our boat I have been given the opportunity to try some protein smoothies from Thyme

Sometimes it’s hard fitting smoothies into the Slimming World plan as they come out quite high in syns in comparison to other options available

The reasons I decided to try this are two fold

1) I don’t like protein drinks normally so I would like to find one I truly like

2) I am not a smoothie lover either but their range sound amazing packed full of fresh frozen fruit, vegetables, protein and vitamins. They contain a Nutri Pellet with whey protein, chlorella (possibly one of the most powerful superfoods that can boost energy, support fat loss and detox, and spirulina which can help with candida, lower blood pressure, boost energy, reduce cholesterol and speed up weight loss.

There are two flavours in their protein smoothie range

Protein Punch that contains strawberry, hulled hemp seeds, blueberries and pomegranate. It is TRULY DELICIOUS! the packs arrive ready prepared and frozen. All you need to do is to mix 250mls of liquid with them. I decided to try something different and bought some M&S sparkling water – Blood Orange which is 3 cals per 100ml. I was a bit worried it might fizz up in my nutriblender but it didn’t – in fact it gives it a bit of ‘life’ ! The taste is incredible and kept me going from breakfast through to lunch!

The best thing apart from the taste is it’s not thick, it doesn’t leave a coating around your mouth like some do and the consistency is the same all the way throughout – I didn’t have to stir or shake it once it was made up. It was simply gorgeous!

The second flavour – Lean Green protein smoothie I was so keen to try after enjoying my breakfast so much. I thought

if it’s half as nice as the Protein Punch flavour I will be hooked!

I decided to make a fruit Kebab to enjoy with it and sat there looking at it longing for lunchtime to arrive so I could try it! Only one word A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Lean Green Protein Smoothie! I love it! I used 250ml M&S Blood Orange Sparkling Water again with this one and it’s lovely! The Lean Green smoothie mix is made up of a Nutripellet containing Whey protein, chlorella and spirulina – both super foods, along with spinach, banana, pineapple and poppy seeds. They come individually wrapped and frozen. I could taste the whey protein slightly and the spinach but this wasn’t unpleasant, in fact it’s delicious! Of the two flavours the Protein Punch has the slight edge but they are both so tasty in their own right. I love them with flavoured water and you could use any flavour, coconut water or milk if you aren’t bothered about adding extra calories. The Lean Green Protein Smoothie is 174 cals per 100gms and the pack is 140gms.

I definitely want to continue enjoying these, they are so lovely and nutritious too! I am a bit fussy with things like this but they are so good!

No chopping, washing or peeling either and would be great for a delicious breakfast or lunch on the move or an after gym boost. When I tasted the Protein Punch flavour I thought i may not like this but I was so wrong!

Thyme have kindly set up a taster pack and if you use my free delivery code ‘methyme’ then they work out at an incredible £1.67 per smoothie!

Thyme are so much more than a smoothie maker though. If you look at their website they make some amazing meals for the family too which I have yet to delve into!

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What’s Hypnosis Ninja?

So I figure when we arrive at a blog post to find out about something that intrigues us we ask three main questions

What’s Hypnosis Ninja?

That’s what I asked myself when I was very kindly accepted to trial their sessions. So Hypnosis Ninja have a selection of downloadable tracks which takes apx 20 mins to listen to and is tailored to your particular problem or addiction.

Is it expensive? Cut to the chase it’s just £9.99 per track! A fraction of a hypnotherapy session! Links at the bottom of this blog post.

Does it work? You listen to them as much as you can and if you have the same results as me you will notice subtle changes at first. They use hypnotherapy combined with New code NLP ( Neuro linguistic programming) to help reprogram your mind and thought processing. Hypnotherapy doesn’t always work for everyone but that can be partly to do with how you commit to it. It is however a tried and tested way to help people beat their demons. NLP simply described is like planting little seeds in your mind – a way of reprogramming your thought processes. Combining the two methods makes for a pretty powerful combination.

Ok so if you are reading this then you probably like me need some help. As a chocoholic and having had an odd relationship towards food with sporadic periods of binge eating where food has been in control I was excited to get to try these. I downloaded two tracks and yes,I can feel some change.

The two tracks I listened to are

  • Changing your relationship with food
  • Chocolate addiction

I have always had strong compulsions throughout my life in relationship to food and been a massive overeater. If I find something I like I buy 10 – not 1, it’s obsessive and it’s unhealthy.

If I find something I like I can’t stop eating it. Whether it be healthy or unhealthy but chances are it will be unhealthy !

Chocolate is also always a pull. Searching for the ultimate chocolate has ruled my thoughts for many hours in a day!

I want to keep this short so this is what I have noticed since listening to my Hypnosis Ninja downloads on my phone

  • I am not obsessing about chocolate
  • I know how to make chocolate and have all the ingredients to hand, yet even though I have had plenty of time on my hands I haven’t made any
  • I am eating healthy smaller portions
  • Food isn’t in the forefront of my mind all the time

This is after just spending 20 mins of listening to the downloads just a handful of times.

Things I have noticed today

  • I managed not to visit a cafe for cake and chocolate despite being right outside and it’s open doors calling me!
  • After a stressful day I also reached for healthy pieces of Chicken and didn’t obsess about chocolates
  • Despite the days events I threw a meal together instead of going for a takeaway!

Like anything else I don’t expect a miracle cure but am willing to try anything that will help and I have noticed changes that are encouraging !

The links to the tracks I have are below and are just £9.99 each.

Changing your relationship with food

Chocolate addiction

They also do a sleep one too! I do struggle to sleep sometimes so I may give this one a go!

Fall asleep fast!

Here is a stop smoking one too. I have never been a smoker but I know it’s so hard to quit!

Stop smoking

I am going to continue to listen to mine and at weak moments I will take myself away for a few mins to listen to my downloads on my road to a healthier me!

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Alexander’s Bar and Kitchen – Skipton

Imagine my delight after watching the renovation of this lovely building on High Street in Skipton for many months being invited for drinks and canapés. The centre of Skipton has been buzzing for a long while about the expensive renovation of this interesting building which has seen many uses over recent years and beyond. I remember this building as Goldies outdoor shop, then the Russian Tea Rooms and more latterly Forage before its closure for many months.

The rumours about the cost of the work have been flying around in Skipton more than the ‘Porky Light’ saga shocked and shook the nations Slimming World followers and with a figure of £2.2 million being the last figure I heard I couldn’t resist the temptation to take a peek!

The frontage is truly beautiful and opulent and emits a rich warm glow as dark settles in. My first thoughts were impressive and as you enter ‘The Parlour’ it continues to please with the quality of the fit out which is exceptionally good. You only have to look at the thickness of doors to see they have only used the best in materials, it really is a fine construction. From Edwardian to Contemporary it delights your eyes, feels comfortable but spacious with a smart but relaxed vibe which is enabled by the attentive staff who are still settling in and finding their confidence

The building itself is really like a tardis. It is unbelievably large inside. As you walk deeper into the building you pass the open kitchen area that is a focal point before you walk into the bar area and this is only enhanced by the beautiful Terrace with comfortable seating, subtle lighting, umbrellas and fire pits.
Back inside, the stage area has the capability to take you even further on your journey as the large display screens are capable of altering the ambience and environment you relax in.

So I can hear you asking what’s the food like? Well, we tried 3 plates. We sampled the Treacle roasted beef – this was a lovely juicy chargrilled steak cut into chunks on a bed of roasted onion puree and delicious. For a small plate I thought it was a generous serving.
The second plate we tried was Lamb shawarma – served with smoked aubergine and yoghurt it was finely sliced lamb , lovely, moist and tender and very little fat on the lamb. The last plate – the least Slimming World friendly was the Pork Belly Bites with a sweet and sour glaze. You can easily trim the fat off though to enjoy a tasty protein bite and they were very nice.
Having taken our fill of these delicious plates we were delighted to be presented with the ‘Around the Clock’ Gelato tasting platter with a wonderful selection of Gelato finely decorated with fresh flowers, caramelised almonds etc. All my syns went to the wall at this stage! The Gelato platter is a truly delicious way to end your tasting experience at Alexander’s Bar and Kitchen
They have an online menu from which you can make your choice from before you go should you wish to.
The drinks choice is good but they could do with expanding their Cider selection and the only plain Cider on the drinks menu was out of stock. This is hopefully just a teething problem and all part of the snagging that should not be apparent as time passes.
The prices were high – but in line with the quality and ambience. They have set the bar high and the prices reflect that. But if you want a truly different experience than the norm in Skipton then Alexander’s Bar and Kitchenis the place.