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Lo-Dough – Just take a moment…..

To appreciate this amazing Lo-Dough Pizza!
Few words needed to tell you how good it was and how much of a game changer Lo-Dough really is. Pile them high and enjoy without the guilt! Just 39 calories for the base! Lo- Dough can be purchased here available at 10am every weekday but be quick it’s good, its versatile, and it’s in demand! It ticks almost every box as far as diets and dietary restrictions are concerned and is the best invention seen in years!

Tuna Mediterranean Lo-Dough Pizza with Olives

  • Lo-Dough wrap
  • 1 tbsp tomato puree or passata
  • 1/2 a Pepper of any colour sliced or chopped
  • 1 small sliced or chopped red onion
  • 1 small tin tuna drained
  • 12 pitted olives – black or green sliced
  • Dried or fresh basil
  • Cheese – you select the amount of cheese and which cheese depending on your diet
  • Dried or fresh oregano
  • Sliced cherry tomatoes
  • Garlic oil


Spread base with pasatta or puree if you don’t have any and add a sprinkle of Basil.

Add chopped peppers and red onion slices

Top with tuna
Scatter olives

Top with cheese, more red onion, a sprinkle of oregano, sliced cherry tomatoes and a few sprays of garlic oil

You can make yours with low fat cheese and use garlic frylight for a healthy version like mine. Bake in a medium oven until cheese is bubbling and turning golden

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Cauliflower ‘Fish’

I have adapted this recipe from one I found in a magazine – served with homemade Slimming World Chips and homemade Tartar Sauce it's a really diet friendly meal. I can't remember the name of the magazine so I am unable to give them credit – I tore the recipe pages out a few days ago and made a couple of slight tweaks to make it lower in fat and carbs. If you are on Slimming World it works out at 6.5 syns for the whole recipe at the time of posting and it's bursting with speed food! Please check syn values as they can vary.

Prep – apx 30 mins
Cooking time – apx 30-40 mins

  • Frylight
  • 1 onion peeled and chopped finely
  • 1 leek, trimmed and chopped finely
  • 2 fat garlic cloves peeled and chopped finely
  • 1 medium cauliflower made into cauli rice
  • 1 grated Courgette with liquid squeezed out
  • 3 large free range eggs beaten well
  • 40 gms coconut flour
  • 150 gms fat free cottage cheese
  • Zest of an unwaxed lemon
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Line two baking trays with baking parchment. Pre heat oven to gas 7
Spray a non stick frying pan with frylight and add leek, onion and garlic. Fry on a low to medium heat until softened
Mix together with remaining ingredients together in a large bowl. Use a heaped tablespoon per 'fish' and shape in your hands into fish shapes and arrange on the trays.
Spray generously with frylight and bake in the oven until golden brown.

Serve with Tartare sauce. The original recipe gave instructions for making your own and although I did – tweaked slightly for convenience I wasn't keen when I tried it at first but when I tried it with the 'fish' it remarkably works, here is what I used
Makes 16 – apx 4 servings if used as a meal

Tartare Sauce
Prep time – 10 mins
2 tbsp capers drained
1 tablespoon dried parsley
300ml fat free greek yoghurt
Juice of 1 lemon
Fresh ground Salt and pepper

Finely chop capers – I used a mini chopper. Add remaining ingredients into a bowl. Mix thoroughly and season with salt pepper

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Customer Service – The Heartbeat of a Business

It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog post – yes, I have just had this misfortune to cross paths with a business that is strongly in need of a defibrillator at its heart – its customer service.

A business without a heartbeat that provides quality blood flow to its customers is a failing business. When the blood flow stops, as in our bodies, the extremities begin to fail, to die off, signs of life, us, the customer begins to disappear.

So many successful businesses recognise that the customer has always been and always will be 'King'. It's been an institutional phrase for describing the main principles for good customer service for decades.

So what keeps the blood flowing, the vital signs of life that provide support and encouragement for customers. The signs of energy and enthusiasm that spreads like a welcome vaccine?

Communication is key!

Many businesses hit stumbling blocks, the most important and vital action is not to 'wing it' – it's to treat customers with respect. It's not good enough in today's 'dog eat dog' competitive climate to expect customers to just accept the unreliable service sometimes given , to accept fluctuations in service levels without question, to accept that what you promise is not what they will expect and indeed to just take their money for an agreed service which is a contract and then renege without a word.

There are many reasons why a business may cease providing level of service for its customers but how we ensure that the
blood still flows during difficult times?

We need to look at internal communication. Let us say for instance the system used for picking orders in a warehouse fails. What should happen? One of the most important actions is to keep customers updated. A business decision should be made to direct Customer Service to inform all customers that there is a problem. It's not acceptable to have potentially 1000s of customers sat at home waiting for deliveries when you are fully aware they haven't been processed, spending hours trying to contact customer services to find where their order is only to be met with pre recorded messages that start with 'due to unprecedented demand' …..

To relay communication is relaying respect, relayed respect earns mutual respect and loyalty. Once the business commits to good relations and installs a heart beat again in Customer Services which in turn relays that vital flow of communication to its customers then confidence will return…. but left too late the phrase 'The King is Dead, Long Live the King' seems quite poignant. Where one business dies, another one will appear and do it ten times better off the back of another's misfortune.

Keep the heartbeat strong!

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Spanish Omelette

This is a recipe I saw online and adapted to reduce the amount of fat used. This makes it very Slimming World friendly – Syn free using your hexa and apx 5 Smartpoints on Weightwatchers. Serves 4 generously!

4 large eggs
3 medium to large potatoes peeled and diced very small
1 medium onion chopped
8 slices reduced fat cheese slices (160gm)
6 slices wafer thin honey roast ham

Sautee potato and onion until potato softening in a non stick omelette pan sprayed with frylight. Mash very roughly with a fork. Cook for a further 5 mins. Transfer to a large bowl and stir in eggs. Mix thoroughly and add salt and pepper to taste. Spray pan again and add one third or slightly more of the mix back to the pan – enough to cover the pan. Spread evenly and spread four cheese slices over the top. Add the ham and the remaining cheese over the top of the ham. Pour over the remaining mix and cook on a low heat for apx 5-10 mins being careful not to burn. Place pan under grill keeping the handle away from the heat until the top had set. Place plate over the top and flip the pan. Slide the omelette back into the pan and cook for a further 5 mins. Slide out of pan and serve

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It’s Summer time at Degustabox!

Imagine my delight today at receiving a summer themed Degustabox on a perfect Summers day! The sun is blazing and my face is beaming! For anyone who hasn't experienced opening a Degustabox- you can try your first box for just £5.99 with my code 8c0x9. It's a monthly subscription box which you can cancel at any time. Go to where you can find more details on delivery, subscriptions and cancellations.
This months aptly 'Summer' themed box is so welcome! The perfect balance of healthy food with ample liquid refreshments!
We always start the day with breakfast so what better way to introduce this months contents than to start with:
Weetabix Additions – Coconut and Raisin. For those on Slimming World two of these are your hexb or 7.5 syns. It's a huge box of 24 and packed with fibre, vitamin D and 100% wholegrain. £2.99

A cheeky little fruit juice is another way to start a beautiful Summer morning and we are lucky enough to have just such a thing with this lovely carton of Cracker Drinks Co. Mango and Passionfruit fruit juice drink A uniquely crafted fruit blend, Cracker Drinks describe their juice as sweet, smooth and subtle. It contains only naturally occurring sugars and provides you with 1 of your 5 a day. At 60 cals per 200 ml serving or 3 syns that's definitely affordable! £1.80

Another thing that comes in handy at breakfast time – for frying or baking those eggs and hash browns or omelettes is Frylight. Something I cannot do without! This new flavour – Avocado is perfect for pan frying, woks, roasting or the BBQ. At just 1 cal per spray, just spray away, it's good exercise! £2.99

If you haven't got time for breakfast and have to eat on the train etc these Ryvita Thins are perfect.
Take them to work, accompanied by a little hummus or a dip they are a perfect snack or addiction to lunch. Topped with Cheddar, Regato and Emmental cheeses you can even enjoy them on their own for just 1.5 syns or 29 cals. £1.89

One thing we do like to do on a hot day is to enjoy light snacks. It's sometimes difficult to fit in a healthy nutritious snack when you don't fancy fruit.Oloves are perfect for that. Natural green pitted olives flavoured with chilli and oregano and just 53 cals per pack or 3 syns they make a perfect filling snack £0.99

All this is making me thirsty and what better for a lovely refreshing drink than an apple spritz. Thor Dry Apple Spritz has included two flavours in this months box – Ginger and Mint. At just 69 Calories per bottle or 3.5 syns you can enjoy a lovely refreshing dry crisp sparkling drink

Cooking on a hot day can be a bit of a bind and salads are quite often on the menu. We all need that extra bit of filling power and not all of us eats bread. Quinoa is a perfect alternative to rice or couscous and can be served with salads, stews or enjoyed on its own. Merchant Gourmet's Red and White Quinoa ( pronounced keenwah) can even be used for making a wholesome porridge. At just 3 syns per pack it's a very filling healthy wholefood £1.99

A staple in anyone's cupboard should be mustard. MaillesTraditional Dijon Mustard is a perfect accompaniment to many a meal and I often use it as an ingredient to flavour dishes – grilled lamb, in potato salad or simply with a steak. Just a tiny amount can transform a recipe. £1.99

So we have got through a hot day and we are well into the evening and we fancy a nibble! What better than to indulge on something random …..
Oh yes! It's Rowntrees Randoms. Not only are they packed with fruity flavour, they have 30% less sugar too! 9 sweets are 106 cals or 5.5 syns and so worth it for a lovely chewy fruity sweet! Perfect for the family if you can bear to share! £1.29

So if you couldn't bear to share them how about giving the rest of the family some beautiful nutritious yoghurt. Included in the box this month is a voucher to enjoy any flavour of The Collective Kids Yoghurt With no pips or bits and packed with fruit they make a delicious healthy snack or dessert. No added nasties and just whole milk and fruit this fruity yoghurt was created to cater for children's palates and preferences. £2.00

The Collective didn't stop there though! For those gym goers or those that just need a protein boost. The Collective have included two vouchers to try their Pro-Yo berries, coconut or strawberry protein yoghurt in a carton to enjoy on the go! Containing more protein than 2 eggs in each carton and less sugar than an apple they make a perfect snack!

Well after a long day what better way to wind down the day with a lovely refreshing alcoholic drink – feet up, in the garden with a glass of Blossom Hill Spritz
Blossom Hill Raspberry and Blackcurrant Spritz is a fruity twist on wine. Light bubbly with natural fruit flavours. Best served chilled. £4.99
A perfect way to reflect what an amazing Summer themed July's Degustabox was!

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Hackney Coffee Co

I have just received some very aromatic samples of The Hackney Coffee Co coffee blends – and am pleasantly charmed!Columbia Road – Delicate floral notes combine with hints of citrus, berries and caramel 

Kingsland – Forest notes of Berry and walnuts with a creamy milk chocolate finish

Sadler Ascent – a roving single estate coffee with bold flavours that change seasonally

Regents – Bold chocolate caramel and dried fruit notes – de caffeinated 

I chose to sample the Kingsland first – I can’t try them all at once with my sleep problems! 

I decided to road test Kingsland Road in my lovely Jane Hogben expresso mug. Lovely coffee,  good aroma – I can’t taste the chocolate tones but I get the Walnut slightly and anything tasting of nuts is good for me! It’s a great blend which encouraged me to have a top up. I find some coffees can be quite bitter but this is lovely and mellow, fragrant with a beautiful aroma. 

I am looking forward to sampling the other blends over the coming days! 

Visit  to view the full selection. £5.95 per 200gm bag with an option to save 10% on your orders by subscription 

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Evebox WOW! 

I am absolutely over the moon to be the first person to review Evebox’s amazing gift boxes! The quality is outstanding!  Evebox have an amazing selection of tailored gift boxes to suit anyone deserving of a special giftMy box contained beautifully handcrafted Jane Hogben mugs, stunningly exquisite Saint Aymes Chocolate, wonderful blends of Salvombe Brew coffee and delicious Teoni’s Cookies! Evebox have smashed it bringing together all these special items to make this ‘Couple’s Coffee One’ box and there are even more selections on their website at

Use my code SWDEBS to get 10% off! 

These really are a special gift! So wonderfully arranged I don’t want to spoil the display! The box arrived double boxed and cushioned with straw with a little pine twig – perfect, just perfect ❤️EVEBOX are completely dedicated to discovering beautiful & distinctive gifts to pack into their gorgeous boxes, especially for you to give to your loved ones. Beautifully packaged, and charmingly presented, they take the utmost care to pack and meticulously present their gift boxes to delight family and friends.​From their Barn in beautiful South Devon, they spend their days continuously searching high and low, tirelessly looking for the loveliest of gifts from all over the UK, (and sometimes beyond), to create their unique gift boxes, just so that you can always find that perfect gift with ease.Once they have created the best of the best gift of combinations, they carefully arrange all the goodies in their beautifully presented boxes, and even tuck in a charming menu card so that your loved ones can see all the lovely details of the contents of their specially prepared gift box.To make absolutely sure their boxes are perfect they of course ‘road test’ all their finds…sometimes having to eat their way through copious amounts of chocolate! In all – my perfect job!