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What have we learnt about Lo-Dough?

Lo-Dough is the lightest, lowest calorie bread alternative ever to be manufactured. At just 39 calories per wrap sized piece it makes it affordable on any diet!

Lo-Dough has really shaken up the diet industry bringing bread back to our tables in a healthy and revolutionary way
It’s high fibre and high protein properties make it extremely satisfying and better for digestion. Lo-Dough is gluten free and a lot more gentler on the stomach for those that suffer from bloating with conventional breads. Lots more people are needing to cut dairy from their diet and Lo-Dough ticks this box too. For those trying to get back to their ‘fighting weight’ Lo-Dough is fat free, incredibly low carb and sugar free. Yes those demon sugars have been banished! Being paleo and vegetarian ensures that Lo-Dough suits everyone not just those who are restricting their intake. 
So what does it do? Well, just about everything! You can wrap it, bake it, fry it, grill it, make pies, puddings, sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, tortillas…. 

From humble beginnings the team at Lo-Dough team are set to become the best thing since sliced bread! 

Order online at

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You Bearfaced Beauties! 

Bearfaced have yet again pulled out all stops and bowled me over again! Today I have received their incredible value Premium Meat Box with free Veg Box and 2kg Beautiful Chicken Fillets

Bearfaced pride themselves and prove that they can supply superb restaurant quality and farm fresh produce to your door and absolute bargain to boot! This hamper can be yours, not for the original cost of £120, nor even the £70 as listed at but my special code enables you to purchase all this for just £63 plus delivery. 

To take advantage of this offer whilst it lasts use my code SWDEBSBF at checkout! It’s truly and honestly an amazing offer. My code will also work with other hamper option so feel free to browse their site. They have a live chat option on the website so any questions just ask away!

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It’s Summer BBQ Time with Degustabox! 

This months Degustabox theme is the BBQ ! So summer is finally upon us, we are dusting off the barbecues and stocking up on coals. Alcohol, spices, snacks, drinks, biscuits and sweets are an integral part of our Great British BBQ Season and in this months box there is even a non alcoholic wine for the designated driver! As a blogger I get to sample items from both non alcohol and alcohol boxes so I may have an extra item or two in my box. 

Ken has been so happy since this mornings box arrived, it includes lots of goodies he likes and seeing as he bought me two bunches of flowers this morning I can not let him have them! 

The Degustabox is geared around a family, it has a great selection of different items each month that a family can share. Some of the items may be hot off the press and not even in the shops or are brand new on the shelves. Even the brands I am familiar with have new lines that have been included in this BBQ theme box. I love receiving my monthly Degustabox and if I didn’t get one sent me to review I would definitely subscribe. £12.99 monthly is the standard cost including delivery and each box has over £20 worth of goodies. Go to and get your first box for just £5.99 with my code 8c0x9 You can cancel at any time. Dates of deliveries and cancellation times are listed on their website. Each month I review the contents and here are this months delights! 

Now this is why Ken is happy, he loves his Haribo! Summer Frenzy Haribo Starmix Beeey flavours and  Tangfastics Ice Cream and Sorbet flavours – 25grams of these winktastic sweets are 4.5 syns. He has already sampled the Ice Cream Gorbet and unfortunately one or two fell into my mouth too! It’s lovely to see different flavours arriving and the Berry flavour looks so good too! Haribo Summer Frenzy is perfect for sharing but Ken had better move these quickly before I don’t share! £1 bag

Staying with the snacking theme I move onto LighterLife Fast Light Bites – Mango with Vanilla Yoghurt freeze dried fruit and yoghurt chips  

They are only 46 cals per bag and that makes it only 2.5 syns per bag!  High in fibre and made with 100% fruit £1.49 bag 

Now being a dog lover I had to choose these next These gorgeous cute little Scottie Dogs are made with Walkers iconic Pure Butter Shortbread loved by everyone. Instantly recognisable in its tartan box Walkers brand is a pure favourite with shortbread lovers £1.95 

ENRJ – Energy Juice: Mango & Passion fruit and Apple & Berries
ENRJ is a freshly pressed fruit juice, naturally caffeinated with green (unroasted) arabica coffee beans (a double espresso worth) for a longer-lasting energising lift. Made from real ingredients, with nothing artificial, no added sugar, less than 100 calories per bottle and one of your five-a-day; fuel your day the healthy way! Two beautiful flavours – Mango and Passionfruit and Apple and Berries – a 250ml bottle is only 4.5 syns £1.75 

Now here is another for Ken, he loves a cheeky little Cider and how cheeky are these? Rosie’s Pig – Weston’s Cider have two lovely little ciders included this month

Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre is an award winning cloudy sparkling cider with Rhubarb and sounds divine! Rosie’s Pig Handbrake is a cloudy sparkling cider with damson for a unique fruity taste. I will have to insist on at least a taste of these! £1.99 

A household favourite Schwartz appears in everyone’s cupboards synonymous with home cooking it’s the first nationwide  spice brand that springs to mind Spicy buffalo wings and BBQ pulled chicken spice blends are set to make sure your BBQ is a tasty hit with all the family £0.85

Original O’s Cumin and Sesame Nibbles is made from a families secret recipe and I hear it’s addictive
4.5 syns per 25gms – available online at Amazon £2.99

Eisberg Alcohol Free Sauvignon Blanc

Ensure that your designated driver doesn’t feel left out! An unbelievable 22 calories per bottle it’s also great for those who want to avoid the temptation of alcohol! It’s made in exactly the same way as your favourite wine but the alcohol is removed at the end £1.49 

Capsicana Brazilian Chilli and Coconut Quick Cook Sauce is a fiery hot blend of classic Brazilian food designed to recreate Latin America’s most delicious dishes. Based on Monqueca stew from Bahia state north of Rio the recipe instructions are clearly visible on the back of the pack with other cooking suggestions inside.
7.5 syns pack. Visit for lots more recipe ideas £1.99 

Berrywhite Organic Drinks come in 4 delicious flavours – one of which has been included in this months box. The flavour I have received is Organic Peach Made from Organic fruit juice blended with mineral water they are one of your 5 a day. 10% of profits go to the Berrywhite Foundation and have no added sugar or preservatives and nothing artificial £1.39

Last but certainly not least in my eyes as I have got my eyes on this beauty is Spoon Granola 

Apple and Peanut is a unique granola flavour and I can’t wait to try it. Wholegrain Oats with chewy baked apple, whole peanuts, Crispy Coconut chips and ground cinnamon is making me wish my day away! No refined sugar and high in fibre 8 syns for 35 grams is a healthy way to spend them! £3.70 

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The ‘Good Egg’ Master

When I first saw the Eggmaster I did a little research and found some negative posts. Not so much about the machine, how it works but about the usefulness of the end product. These reviews are a little outdated now My first Impression was how compact this is and that is a big bonus considering how much space is taken up by gadgets in our kitchens. My second surprise was how simple and straight forward it is to use. Within half an hour I had some tasty additions for our Summer evening salad.. Chorizo and pepper and Egg, cheese and mixed peppers. 

My conclusion is that it’s a real nifty gadget to have in your kitchen, great for using leftovers and a fantastic tool for creating more interesting lunchbox contents. This would be great for getting children involved creating their own healthy lunches making them envious of all their friends. Buy the Eggmaster online at Amazon £29.99 

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Estée Lauder Double Wear Cushion Stick Frank Review!

Firstly I have to apologise for the rubbish photograph. Unfortunately I was unable to get a clearer photograph this morning!I have stuck with this for a while but realised this morning that a review was needed! When I first bought the product I was impressed by the radiant glow my skin had after application. It went on relatively easily but I found it a bit of a faff!

Within a short space of time the sponge applicator fell off and wouldn’t stay on making application extremely difficult. I have to give Estée Lauder credit for replacing this via their helpline without question.  This morning whilst in the middle of using the replacement for the second time, the sponge applicator spun off and this resulted in a 3 inch scratch down my face. See photograph for the first applicator that came off the first product and the applicator off my replacement. As you can see by the nozzle it is quite pointed and really took me by surprise when it happened. 

This product – the makeup fluid is excellent but I think it’s time for Estée Lauder to rethink the design. I have a red mark down my cheek and this completely is the opposite of what I was trying to achieve. 

Would I buy it again? No, however the quality of the foundation is excellent but application makes it unpractical. Come on Estée Lauder – we ALL KNOW you can do better than this! 

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What a Catch! Big Fish Brand 

I am delighted to be chosen to receive a fantastic sample range of the Big Fish Brand. Their range can be found in Farm shops and independents around the country and it’s well worth keeping an eye out for. Having never been a great Fish lover but conscious that I should try more, I was over the moon to receive this delivery.  The first thing I noticed is there was no strong Fish smell which told me my delivery was the most important requirement – fresh and freshly frozen. The Big Fish Brand is a family owned company based in Grimsby on the North East Coast of England.  Their Fish is sourced from Northern waters. 

Their salmon fillets are so delicate and fresh with a beautiful colour and flavour . I decided to experiment making a low carb dish with my favourite bread alternative Lo-Dough from http://www.lodough.coMy dish which I have named Finding Dough Ree is layers of exotic mushrooms, Big Fish Brand Salmon Fillets, wilted spinach and served with a lemon and dill sauce. It was a truly delicious dish and all credit goes to and for such a great mealFancying some avocado this morning but conscious of keeping my calorie and fat intake down I decided to have a ‘mix up’ Big Fish Brand Smoked Salmon 50gm pack is a perfect serving for one. With my salmon I mashed 1/4 avocado and mixed in 3 chopped cherry tomatoes, salt and fresh ground pepper, 1 tsp lemon juice and 1/2 tsp dried coriander. Served with a slice of toasted soda bread my breakfast was divine. Just divine!  

The next time you are pondering about whether to buy fish, if it’s Big Fish Brand- hesitate no longer, you are about to make a great choice! 


               The BIG Catch! 

The next time you go into your local farm shop, independent retailers, Cosco, specialist food shop or shop at Ocado look for the @bigfishbrand ! They have such a great range – Natural Sea Trout and Salmon, Salmon Marinaded with Garden Mint in easy cook microwave bags from frozen, Hand sliced Smoked Sea Trout and Salmon free from any artificial additives. Free on SW and 4-5 Smartpoints per Fillet on WW and 2 Smartpoints per pack for the smoked Salmon and Trout. The fish is caught in cool clean Northern Waters and processed in Grimsby. Big Fish Brand is a family run business.

For more information visit