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Lo-Dough Pie Face! 

Everyone loves pie! Every slimmer wants pie! Well the good news is, you can have your pie and eat it! Thanks to the amazing Lo-Dough I can now have pie and not have to worry about the calorie count. 

This amazing pie was made using just two pieces of Lo-Dough for just 39 calories a piece! Just a fraction of the hit on the daily recommended calorie intake! Lo-Dough is fat free, low calorie, high fibre and protein, gluten free, paleo and vegetarian. It’s incredibly low carb and dairy free! 

Just a simple recipe for Lo-Dough

Beef and Onion Pie

2 pieces Lo-Dough 

100gms less than 5% fat beef mince

1 small onion finely chopped

1 beef oxo crumbled into 300ml boiling water 

1 tbsp Worcester sauce

1/2 tbsp tomato purée 

Salt and pepper

1 egg beaten for egg wash


Preheat oven to gas no 5

Make filling by sautéing onion in frylight until softening. Add beef meat mince and brown. Add oxo, purée, Worcester sauce and fry for 1 min. Add stock. Bring to boil and then simmer until onion is soft – apx 15-20 mins. Leave for 15 mins to cool slightly. 

Place 1 pc of dough onto a oven proof pie plate. Moisten all around the edges with water, then score with a knife to rough up the surface being careful not to tear the dough. Add pie filling to centre of dish and spread to apx 3 cm away from the edge. Be careful not to overfill. Place remaining Lo- Dough on top and keep pressing all around the edges together until it sticks


Cut 3 flutes ( v shapes) into centre of top with a sharp knife and lift the  ‘v’s’ slightly. Brush generously with beaten egg and place in centre of oven until golden brown – apx 15 mins. Serve

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The Ramblings of a Kitchen Gadget Addict!

Anyone that watches my Instagram stories will have heard about my kitchen gadget obsession. Is it warranted? I think so! In today’s society anything that makes life easier has got to be good in my opinion! From my simplest gadget – a Joseph Joseph stainless steel garlic crusher to my most expensive Magimix processor both equally make me smile and thankful for their existence. 

So when does a kitchen gadget fall out of favour with me? My stick blender for instance is the worst gadget for user satisfaction. It looks good but performs dreadfully, so rarely comes out. It is marked well down on my gadget list, definitely not an all round pleaser! And then there’s my Tefal Actifry which has seen better days. Having had this since almost the launch of the Tefal Actifry it has started to yellow and look shabby.  It still does the same job, it just doesn’t look good, hence, it doesn’t make me happy using it and stays well hidden away out of view of my more ‘pleasing to the eye’ gadgets. 

I know, you are probably thinking ‘What a spoilt superficial individual’ but for me – to tick all the boxes of a great kitchen gadget it has to look good. I appreciate the finish, design, durability, and find the aesthetics ignite my passion to use them over and over again. So, instead of using my Tefal Actifry to make low fat chips, stir fries etc I have resorted back to ‘manual methods’ I have seen the new model and think it looks far better in black and will be lots easier to keep looking pristine, so well done Tefal – your advances in design have ensured that your new Actifry is destined to be proudly displayed on any kitchen worktop!

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It’s Sooooo Seksy! 

I am so proud to have been chosen by Seksy by Sekonda to review this stunningly beautiful watch! The Intense Rose Gold with Swarovski crystal studded bezel , rose gold face and strap is a sight for sore eyes ! It is a perfect fit and feels at one on my wrist. I like many others have seen the SEKSY adverts on TV and admired them at a distance, but only now can I actually appreciate their true beauty and elegance. Beautiful craftsmanship at affordable prices they are a great gift for that special person  even if that person is yourself! 

You can view the full stunning range of watches at and they are exactly as the photos. No trickery, just pure honest beauty in an elegant timepiece! 

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The May Degustabox is here! 

Yet again Degustabox have pulled out all the stops! This months theme is ‘Picnic’ and there are definitely a lot of treats within this months box to please all the family on a summer picnic! 

I again cannot believe you can get all these items or similar for just £12.99 including delivery when you sign up for a @degustabox. Receive 10-15 surprise items each month. There is nothing like a lovely surprise landing on your doorstep! It’s a great treat for all the family!! **Use code 8C0X9 to get your first box for just £5.99 **

Moma Bircher Muesli – Raspberry and Coconut – Gluten free and no added sugar . 35gms = 7 syns or 6 WW Smartpoints. This Muesli is a quick soak Muesli, contains nuts and seeds – a fantastic way of keeping you fuller longer throughout the day.  Simply add yoghurt or apple juice for overnight oats in 5 minutes! £3.20 

Cadburys Dairy Milk Peanut Caramel Crisp 278gms of temptation that’s all I can say! I love nuts and will have to open this and divide it into syn size portions to help keep me on track! Made with peanut pieces and crunchy crisis, topped with caramel and peanut halves. Perfect for sharing! £3.49

Portlebay Popcorn – Sweet Thai Chilli Chilli Bang Bang  This flavour name makes me smile! 25gm bag – 6 syns or 4 WW Smartpoints. 115 cals per bag and gluten free. Portlebay Popcorn are a small company based in Devon. Made using 100% natural ingredients , unrefined cane sugar, a splash of rapeseed oil and the finest butterfly corn sourced from the Pyrenees! 79p 

Zeo Fruits and Botanicals Sparkling Peach & Grapefruit with Spring Water – just 36 calories or 2 syns for this refreshing drink made with natural sweetener. Blended with natural fruit juices, exotic botanicals and spring water £1.19

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs. This is from the all new range of Hippeas Chickpea puffs set to shake up the global snacking market! In Herbs We Trust flavour is only 91 cals per bag, 5 syns or just 3 WW Smartpoints £1.50 

Candy Kittens – natural and gluten free and part of an exciting range of flavours made to liven up the sweet market! These Eton Mess sweets are bound to be a winner for your cinema night! Made from the best possible ingredients to produce this gourmet brand . Each sweet – they are quite bit is 1.5 syns each or 1 WW £3 pk 

Bean Bags – Rawbean Ltd Proper Coffee in a bag! The striking El Salvador coffee is a great alternative to the cafetière and made with 100% ground arabica coffee. Medium strength coffee with dark chocolate tones

Crunch Time Nuggets by Cereal Lovers – Forest mix – the no nasties snacking granola. A delicious new way of snacking to help energise you and keep you satisfied throughout the day made with all natural ingredients 6 syns per 30gms or 5 WW Smartpoints  – £1.59 pk

Skinni Wraps by Deli Kitchen. Deli Kitchen are on a mission after launching a new range of delicious new flatbreads. At just 91 cals they come in an easy to fold shape and are only 5 syns or 3 WW Smartpoints per wrap. These wheat tortillas are thinner and lighter and can be frozen. £1.25 pack 

Homepride Strong White Bread Flour – making quality flour for over 50 years this is a brand I have been familiar with all my life. Made from 100% British wheat to help you bake the finest loaves and bins. This Strong White flour is available in Morrisons and Ocado £1.50  

Millions – The tiny tasty chewy sweets that have been delighting children and adults since 1992! New flavours Chocolate covered strawberry and Sour Strawberry are set to become firm favourites ! Chocolate – 50p pk, Sour – 60p pk 

Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer – The No 1 alcoholic Ginger Beer is crafted for 6 wks using real Asian ginger using a secret recipe and only a handful of ingredients. Gluten free. 13 syns per bottle or 8 WW Smartpoints £1.89 

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Spicy Courgette Soup with Pumpkin Seeds and Oats Ryvita Croutons 

Debs Spicy Courgette Soup 

2 medium courgettes cubed

1 sm onion & 1 garlic clove chopped. 

1 med sweet potato cubed

1 tbsp tomato puree

1/2 pk butternut squash spaghetti

1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger

1 level tbsp curry powder

1.5 pints chicken stock

2 tsp sweetener

 Ryvitas broken up into crouton size 

Sautee onion, potato, ginger and garlic for 5 mins in frylight. Add courgette and stir fry for a further 2 mins. Add curry powder and puree then stir fry 2 mins. Add stock, bring to boil and simmer for 15 mins. Then blitz

Add squash spaghetti and simmer for 3 mins. Use end of a fish slice to break up strands into noodle size. Add sweetener, salt and pepper to taste and serve with Ryvita croutons 
Ryvita Pumpkin seeds and Oats Rye Crispbread are 2 syns each on Slimming World or 3 for Hexb. Each slice is 1 Weightwatchers Smartpoint

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Lo-Dough – The Lightest, Lowest Calorie Bread Alternative

Exciting news. 3 years in development I have just got to share with you this amazing breakthrough in the lightest, lowest calorie bread alternative. Sandwich it, pizza it, wrap it, garlic it, anything it!! It has a soft spongy fresh bread like texture This is a brand new launch, only available direct from here

Eat straight from the pack, pop on a baking tray in the oven and bake for two or three minutes and it shapes itself into a shallow bowl which you can top with chilli and leave out the carbs! It's just 1 WW Smart Point or two syns on SW! My whole breakfast which consisted of a one egg omelette laid on top of the wrap, popped in the oven to warm slightly, filled with balsamic mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh basil and spinach and topped with a low fat cheese slice and rolled. 

On WW my whole breakfast was 5 Smartpoints and on SW using 1/2 hexa it totals just 2 syns and I still have my hexb left for later! Lo-Dough are taking pre orders for their launch later this month so I wish them lots of luck! It is gluten free (awaiting accreditation) and only contains 2.2 gms of carbs and contains more fibre than the healthiest wholemeal loaf! Vegetarian friendly too but not vegan as it contains egg whitesFind them and message them on Instagram @lo.dough and Facebook @ Lo-Dough. 

For more info check out their website too at ! Good luck guys!


Slimming World or Weightwatchers? The Truth from my mouth !

This week I entered a new phase in my weightloss journey, I joined Weightwatchers. Now don’t get me wrong Slimming World is in my bones, it’s my foundation for all my meals, but recently having hovered for months at the same weight I realised I needed to up my game. After analysing why this was , I realised I needed a new challenge. I had tried setting smaller goals with SW but I needed more. Fresh motivation, new challenges and to tackle the fact SW was not stopping me from overeating. Let’s face it, an elephant gets huge eating leaves! 

I have always liked a large meal, the problem with this though is that if you are historically an overeater, once you go off track, you go for it in a big way! I need to teach myself portion control so when I go off the rails which is inevitable at times then it won’t be so destructive and have such a negative impact on my weightloss journey. 

With Weightwatchers – I joined this week –  I am using the Smart Points system to teach me how to eat more controlled portions but I am still eating the same foods I was eating on SW. I am only on Day 3 but already have cut down massively on portion sizes and limiting certain foods. I know that this goes against the grain to restrict foods which are free on SW but if you have been an overeater all your life it’s a habit that needs to be tackled. SW doesn’t really address this as the stance is eat an abundance of speed and free foods. 

Attending two groups may not seem ideal and it may prove unpopular to some who attend my groups and I don’t feel I can speak openly about this there as it’s quite controversial and may upset some members but I want to continue with both as I feel the are equally important to me. If any of you who attend my groups are reading this then it’s my personal choice, my life and my way of dealing with my weightloss journey. SW has taught me the importance of cooking from scratch, using free and speed foods and being relaxed about my weightloss journey, but for me doesn’t tackle the overeating and binge eating as I could still do that within my syns. 

I will take part in both groups, will not speak about WW in my SW group and visa versa . I would hate myself if I confused someone during the course of their very own personal journey. I am just finding my own way. 

I continue to cook the Slimming World way, count my syns, and use my hexa and hexb but using Weight Watchers Smart Points I am controlling my portion sizes and it’s working well! 

WW is stopping me thinking about eating  large volumes of food and making me control portions. Don’t get me wrong, this is my honeymoon period and it may go totally wrong, especially if I start getting challenges about my group choices. Just remember. Weightloss is a very personal journey, specific to us, and we have to do the best we can to have a long and happy life. A few years back I struggled to walk without a stick,  had terrible IBS, was  riddled with constant back and joint problems and was so depressed and stressed. I couldn’t see a way forward out of the state I was in. I started by making small changes. Had healthier breakfasts, cooked more from scratch, used less fats etc , just one small change at a time until I joined a SW group which helped me to lose another 3 stone on top of the almost 2 stone I had lost by myself. Now, with combined efforts, myself, SW and WW I am moving onto a new phase, fresh challenges and renewed motivation for a happier and healthier me! Don’t judge, just be happy for me and wish me luck – it’s MY JOURNEY AND ITS AS CLEAR AS A BELL TO ME!

Dont be mistaken though, I am soft, kind sensitive person and if I find any change or hostility in either of my groups then I will be off like a bullet out of a gun. I don’t want to soak up any negativity as I am an optimist and want to keep it that way. Any hostility will be borne out of ignorance so they will be told quite firmly the reality of the situation and I will leave them with those thoughts as I continue with MY JOURNEY