Simply Cook

A little box of treasures to unfold! 

Simply cook is a monthly subscription box of hidden gems. Beautiful spices to create wonderful dishes on plan. Just add fresh ingredients. Subscriptions can be for just 3 months or longer. A perfect gift also for that person you know who loves to cook! They come beautifully presented with recipes. Each spice blend for individual recipes are packed in their own little box. No need to have hundreds of spices when they are blended for you! Use your creativity! I haven't started cooking with these yet but I will soon, some dishes may need tweaking to stay on plan but i will post any changes.  ( if any are required) once I cook them. They can be found Here



What a great company! From the moment you unpack you know they are something special . The colours are true and not aged, the range is diverse and so different from what you find in the supermarket nowadays. But more importantly they ooze quality! As most Slimming World plan followers know, pulses are a perfect food on plan! Hodmedod's have an online shop at Hodmedods.co.uk where you can browse their range. They also have a great range of recipe cards to compliment your purchase. 


Crab and sweetcorn fish cakes

Recipe and method                                             3 medium size potatoes and 1 medium sweet potato boiled and mashed together  roughly leaving some lumps for texture

3 tbsp sweetcorn

Half of the green tops from a bunch of spring onions finely chopped

2 small tins pink or white crab meat drained and all water squeezed out

4 slices of kingsmill wholemeal no crusts bread made into breadcrumbs

1 beaten egg

Mix potatoes once mashed with crab, spring onions and sweetcorn. Sample and season to taste. Divide into equal portions Shape into patties in your hand. Dip in egg, then cover with breadcrumbs.

Place on baking tray sprayed with frylight ,

Spray fish cakes with butter frylight and bake in top half of medium oven until crispy and golden

You can add herbs such as dill or parsley into the mix, just be creative and enjoy, that’s what cooking is all about!


I am a ‘We are Littles’ coffee ambassador!!

Yesterday i received a wonderful box of assorted coffees and am working my way through them slowly….savouring each wonderful flavour! At just 4 cals per cup they make a lovely Syn free indulgence! 


About me

All my life I have been overweight. All my life I have loved food. All my life I have yo-yo dieted. I am addicted to chocolate, savoury, spicy, salty, fatty, sweet, I just love food. At my heaviest I looked like an overweight wrestler, I looked hard because I was stressed, I was stressed because I was fat, I ate because I was stressed. It was a terrible spiral that sometimes I could see no way out of.  Seven years ago I decided in desperation to pay to have a gastric band fitted. The answer to my prayers! Or so I thought!

The problem was not the size of my stomach or the amount I could eat, it was my relationship with food. My secret eating, bingeing, obsessions, I couldn’t get my head around ‘food is fuel’, instead food was my life.  In a way it still is but I have learnt that overeating makes me uncomfortable, depressed, stressed and the subsequent beating myself up is pointless.

After 18 months trying to work with my gastric band and being restricted I rebelled against it and I gave up. I was still miserable and only lost just over a stone. I had all the restriction taken out and I could eat as much as I did before, the only difference was I didn’t vomit! I then fell back on the gaining losing cycle until one day I realised at that it was my head and my relationship with food that was the problem and if I could resolve that I could find a way forward

Joining Slimming World was a massive breakthrough. I found a group that welcomed me, was warm and friendly, didn’t judge and supported me when I needed it most. Most of all the group didn’t perceive themselves to be perfect! I lost weight week after week at first – 17 weeks, 17 losses, then the holiday came and I had my first gain and I have hovered around the same weight since. Life events take us on a detour. I lost my dad,  our dog passed suddenly and we had three holidays. I no longer worry about losing weight , I am just mindful I am not going back to where I started! Slimming World is my foundation. All my meals that I cook can be eaten on the plan. I am a bit of a nibbler, but I am working on it. My instagram page has really taken off. I wake every day and cannot believe I have so many  like minded kind followers and it has become my hobby. Who would have thought that food – that was my enemy has become my best friend and given me a wonderful pass time where I can cook, share, learn, review, help, inspire….I am truly grateful!

I now have strategies in place. I know my weak times and do other things such as if I feel like I am going to have an eating splurge late in the evening I go to bed. I have fortunately never got into getting up out of bed to eat!

The last two years I have learnt control. I have discovered that I am happier in control of what I eat than when I am spiralling out of control and binge eating. I have never just wanted ‘a little taste’ of something I like. I have eaten it until it no longer holds the same urge to taste it! I don’t buy ‘one of..’ I buy three or four ‘just in case’

I am a work in progress and always will be. I will never lose my fascination and obsessions over food, I can just control it better.  I fall off plan, I get back on pretty rapidly now. It’s become a habit.

I do love cooking and creating new dishes, some work and some don’t but that’s how you create, learn and inspire. Slimming World IS a lifestyle and I love it!


I missed lunch 😱

No idea how that happened, normally my stomach reminds me half an hour before I am due to eat! We had breakfast , did a few jobs and decided to go for a walk. We had half an apple each and set off. Up to the local farm shop and back – 3 miles. I only went in to get a bone for Charlie. 20 mins later after trying to suss out the syns on lots of goodies I emerged! On the way back we  stopped off at a lovely dog friendly coffee shop for a black coffee,  Charlie our chocolate labrador who was with us was perfectly behaved in the coffee shop apart from leaving a pool of drool on the wooden floor 🙈  Back home we went. 3pm and my stomach never told me! I wasn’t even hungry. In all my life that’s never happened and I am not ill lol. Could it be at last I am in control and not my stomach which has always wanted to be topped up to capacity !   I am sure my slimmer me is slowly naturally emerging! 

Here is a picture of Charlie giving me a Mothers Day card and flowers on Sunday. Unfortunately I had to prise the card from his jaws 😂


Today’s weigh in! 

Today was a great weigh in for me. I lost 3lbs. Not only was that a great loss for me, I hadn’t actually attended group for 4 weeks. I needed a break.  Not from the plan, but from the pressure I sometimes put myself under. I needed to chill! And so I did! I have not been idle though, I have been busy cooking, reviewing, developing my instagram page and latterly this blog which is quite obviously a work in progress! Please bear with me whilst I figure out how to use WordPress 😂 

Anyway, back to the weigh in. I was greeted with a very warm welcome when I walked in and felt like I had just arrived back home after a long break. It was quite evident to myself that the break had done me good and I am ready to embrace group again and continue seeing my friends every week and sharing our ups and hopefully more downs! I always stay for image therapy and have never left early, I think you feel much better supported when you stay to group and we need as much support as we can get! Needless to say after my ramblings that I am delighted with today’s loss! Onwards and downwards!! Keep chipping away!