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Cobblestone Beef

It’s the time of year we need warm comforting food! The time when we crave something traditional, filling, it still on plan!

This pie was inspired by my roots. I was brought up in Lancashire on a cobbled street. We used to sit and pick the tar out from between the cobbles and play with it on a hot day! The crisp roasted potatoes sitting on top of a traditional type stew remind me of those cobblestones hence the name!

It’s easy and simple to make – I love simple recipes that hit the spot and this doesn’t disappoint, having made this over and over again!

To make this you will need a large baking dish preferably square with no lid


1 500gm pack less than 5% fat minced Beef

1 onion peeled and diced

4 carrots peeled and diced

1/3 medium swede peeled and diced

1 handful of frozen garden peas

Dash Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp mustard powder

2 pinches dried thyme

1 pt stock made with 3 Beef Oxos

Peeled and halved Kind Edward or Maria Piper potatoes ( enough to cover the surface area of the baking dish you are using

Butter Frylight

Seasoning to taste


Parboil potatoes in salted water for 5 mins , drain and shake vigorously until fluffed up, then set aside

In a large pan sauté the onion, carrot and swede until glazed.

Add the thyme and cook for further two minutes

Add minced beef and keep stirring until browned

Add mustard powder and Worcestershire sauce and stir

Add stock and peas

Bring to boil then reduce and simmer for five mins. Season to taste.

Transfer the contents of the pan to your baking dish spreading evenly.

Place the fluffed potatoes on top – rounded side up. Arrange them like cobblestones.

Spray very generously with butter frylight and place in the top of a hot oven – Gas 7, spray with frylight every 15 mins until golden and crispy. This should take apx 45 mins to 1 hour

This is a great way of using leftover vegetables, just add to the stew before adding the potatoes.

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Mince Pie? Why not have two?

I made these amazing little mince pies with Lo-Dough

Even more amazing, I made 8 using just one piece of Lo-Dough

And….yes, the most (even more) amazing thing is you can have two for just 1.5 syns! Or if you are a teeny weeny little mince pie muncher, don’t worry, all 8 would set you back just 6 syns!


1 piece of the incredible, amazing Lo-Dough

8 tsp Mincemeat

2 tsp sweetener

2 tbsp cold water

Butter frylight

1/2 tsp icing sugar (optional and an extra 1/2 syn)

Apx 65mm fluted Pastry cutter

Jam tart type baking tray

Small decorative pastry cutters, I have a Xmas tree and a star


Pre heat oven to Gas 5, electric 190, fan 170

Dissolve sweetener in the cold water in a small flat dish

Using to round pastry cutter firmly press out 8 rounds from the Lo-Dough and set aside.

Using decorative pastry cutter or your own creative skills make 8 small decorations for adorning the tops

Spray tart baking tray with butter frylight

Dip each round of Lo-Dough in the sweetened water and place in one of the baking tray moulds

Add a teaspoonful of mince meat to each piece and spread evenly leaving the edge clear

Add a decoration to the top of each pie

Spray generously with frylight and then place the tray in the oven for apx 10 mins taking care not to burn them.

If after ten mins the bottoms are slightly moist, remove from moulds and place on a baking tray for a couple of mins to firm up.

Using a sieve, shake the icing sugar evenly between the pies.

Let cool slightly before eating so you don’t burn your mouth and tongue!

Lo-Dough can be purchased here

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143 Cals of Satisfaction!

Can’t believe how simple, tasty, quick, filling and how low cal this is! It’s a crispy crunchy, juicy, delicious stripped back pizza!


1 piece Lo-Dough

1 large tomato thinly sliced

15 gms fresh grated Parmesan cheese

Butter frylight

Garlic frylight

Tsp chopped basil

Fresh ground salt and pepper

To make

Lay Lo-Dough on a baking tray – no need to oil

Spray 10 times with butter frylight

Spray 10 times with garlic frylight

Arrange tomato on top

Spread cheese evenly

Sprinkle with basil


Place in medium oven gas 5 for apx 10 mins until starting to turn golden


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How to make a Lo-Dough Cone and Parmesan Crisp Lo-Dough Dippers

Serving suggestion

Making a Lo-Dough cone is so easy and effortless. Making the Parmesan Crisp Lo-Dough Dippers is equally easy and a great way of cutting the carbs, serving buffet food and a great idea for those cold nights around the bonfire filled with chilli. If you are from Lancashire like me, a ladle of black peas and lashings of vinegar and salt! Making the crisps ensures that every last morsel of your Lo-Dough is used and you achieve its full filling power!

To start you will need

One piece of Lo-Dough for each cone

A pair of kitchen scissors

A pastry brush ( if you don’t have one, use your fingers!)

Baking paper

Two baking trays

Oil or Frylight (I use butter Frylight)

2 tbsp Warm water

Fresh Parmesan

Pre heat oven to apx gas 5, 190c – as long as it’s a medium heat oven it will be fine

Cut one quarter of the Lo-Dough away from the remainder using kitchen scissors


Remove the quarter and set aside. Brush both sides of the cut edge with warm water

Roll the cut edges together to form a cone and firmly press the edges together until it holds

Spray generously all over with oil or Frylight

Place in the middle of the oven for apx 10-15 mins and cook until golden brown and hardened.

Remove and set aside

For the Parmesan Crisp Lo-Dough Dippers cut the remaining quarter into 3 pieces and lay on a baking sheet covered with baking paper

Grate Parmesan over the top of the triangles so overlaps on the sheet – I use apx 10gms of Parmesan but you can use as much as you like depending on your diet.

Place in the top of the oven until the cheese has melted and gone crispy on the paper

Let cool then peel very gently from the paper taking care the cheese doesn’t snap off.

Serve with a Lo-Dough cone stacked with your favourite filling and enjoy!

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Boom the Kitchen Smells Lovely!

If you have never had the pleasure of trying a Boom Kitchen Spice blend then you are truly missing out. The award winning spice kits with step by step easy to follow instructions from their special integral stand up instruction card provides you with complete simple direction Spiced with a little humour along the way! For the slimmers who are reading this the recipes are slimming friendly and any additional ingredients can be substituted for lower calorie options and reducing the oil that the spices are fried in at the beginning or exchanging it for spray oil.

They have a great range to choose from – mild to hot and they really are a treat, it’s like bringing the curry house to your kitchen


Tonight I am bringing Chicken Bhuna to the table and the colours are delightful, the taste is lovely and the aroma gorgeous, but that’s what Boom Kitchen brings – I just need the music….

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I am especially proud of this Lo-Dough creation – it’s a delicious indulgent dessert but kind on the calories, amazingly filling, and a very good substitute for the calorie, sugar and fat laden Tiramisu – I call it Tiramisu-Lo as a tribute to the best low calorie and carb food created in years!

The following recipe makes 2 generous portions which work out at 5 syns each or 4 smaller desserts for 2.5 syns each. Using Lo-Dough dramatically cuts down on the calories and carbs, it takes on the cake texture layer very well and is far more healthier!


2 pieces of Lo-Dough 4 syns

Apx 300 ml very strong freshly brewed black coffee

4 tbsp sweetener – 2 syns

1/2 500gm tub Muller Light Skinny Latte

2 tsp roasted chopped nuts 2 syns

2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder 2 syns

Light squirty cream optional


In a deep bowl tear the Lo-Dough into small pieces. Add the sweetener to the coffee. Pour over the freshly brewed coffee and allow to soak. Leave for apx 15 mins and then mash the mixture with a fork until smooth, making sure it is completely soaked in coffee. Pour any excess away. Leave to cool.

When cool divide the mixture between 2 or 4 sundae dishes and spread evenly.

Divide the yogurt between the dishes and layer on top of the coffee mixture.

Using a sieve, shake the cocoa powder on top. Sprinkle with chopped nuts.

I added a raspberry on top and later some light squirty cream.

I may use a bit of Tia Maria next time in with the coffee! We both thoroughly enjoyed this lovely dessert and it didn’t feel like a low cal dessert. If someone had given me this and didn’t tell me what it consisted of I would have felt like I had gone off plan and felt the guilt!

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Prestige Flowers – A Floral Celebration!

After a girly shopping day in Harrogate with my friend I was delighted to arrive home to these stunning flowers by Prestige Flowers UK to review. Having been chosen previously to review their flowers my expectations were high and they haven’t disappointed me at all!

Prestige Flowers arrive via courier in an attractive sturdy box with a carrying handle built into the top.

Opening and unpacked the flowers is easy. Just lift the lid and lift the flowers using their wrapping. The flowers are gift wrapped and tied with a lovely rustic bow

Also inside the box was a vase – perfect for the size of bouquet and the flowers fit in perfectly. There is also a gift bag which the flowers stand inside and matches the wrapping.

I filled the base with water and used the flower food that was included, snipped the tie, removed the paper and cut the bands securing the flowers. I then just simply – and no more than that placed the flowers in the base and they fell into the most beautiful arrangement. Bright cheery perfectly fresh flowers to brighten up the fast approaching cold Autumn days! I wholeheartedly encourage you to take a peek at their gorgeous Birthday Flowers here – they truly are a special gift for that important person!